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Friday, December 05, 2008

Reflections From Seinfeld

The other day I'm watching "Seinfeld" on tv. I think I watch this show about once every two weeks. I like it just fine, but I don't get to watch much of anything before 9:00 p.m.

Anyway, there's this episode on about "The Maestro" having a place in Tuscany...something along those lines. (I was trying to make dinner at the same time and wasn't paying THAT close of attention.) What caught my attention was a conversation between Jerry and Elaine. And since I don't have the transcript to the show, then I'm going to relay it as best as I can:

Jerry: What'd you do last night?

Elaine: Nothing.

Jerry: I know "nothing", but what did you actually do?

Elaine: Literally nothing. I sat in a chair and stared.

Jerry: Wow! That's literally nothing.

Ok, why I'm writing about this? I remember when this episode originally came out fifteen years ago (or so). **Wait...moment to reflect on how old I am...(sigh)...ok...I'm done...** When I first heard this scene, I laughed. "Oh, how funny and strange," I thought, "to actually sit in a chair and stare. Where do they get these people to write such ridiculous dialogue?" (Btw, I was in college at the time.)

So now, like I said, I'm watching this just a few days ago. I hear this scene and think, " do literally nothing and sit in a chair and stare. I wish I could have an evening like that."

Let's reflect - Before marriage and children - the scene was kind of funny, but mostly strange.
After marriage and children - the scene sounds idyllic.

Funny how marriage and children can change your perspective on even the smallest of issues.

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