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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

What a morning.

Woke up late. Got my son to school on time...barely. Got my daughter dressed and in her seat for breakfast this morning, and she threw up all over herself and the floor. Then, when I went to clean her up, I threw up on the floor, too. Lovely...lovely...

I went ahead and took her to school anyway. No, I'm not one of those inconsiderate mothers that take their kids to school sick. She had coughed, then choked on some cereal and that triggered the whole mess. As soon as she "did it", she reached over and grabbed some more food and laughed. I don't think that counts as sick. Well...sick in a weird way as in -"how could she eat covered in throw-up?" Not sick as in "virus".

And now I'm off to clean the bathrooms and potties. Hooray. I'll skip all the way there.

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