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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not As Planned

So, I never quite made it to the bathroom (to clean!) today. It just didn't happen. I talked on the phone instead. Yeah...yeah...I'll get to the bathrooms soon. Trust me...they will be waiting for me whenever I'm ready...(sigh)...

I did, however, make some sugar cookies. You should have seen me with my apron and rolling pin -I was a regular Martha Stewart (minus the skill and criminal record). I used a mix, but who cares? I added buttercream frosting (store-bought!) and sprinkles (um...also store-bought...does anyone make their own sprinkles?). They taste really good, though, and we are already enjoying them. smiley face Pictures, Images and Photos

1 comment:

Jill said...

At first I thought, "oh no, she's constipated from all that baking" LOL.

I never have made my own sprinkles. I bet my girl's would have a blast with that! I may need to call Molly Maids afterwards thou!!

Now that I know you're ok (LOL) keep baking my friend! Yummy!