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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning

I took my daughter to the library today. I've been dying to get some new books, but I never seem to get over there. Well, we made it, and how happy everyone must be that we did. Luckily, I wrote down the books I wanted, because there will be no browsing with a toddler. I just had to keep her in sight, while I grabbed what I wanted. Also, there would be no picking her up without some sort of monumental scream only heard in b-grade horror movies. Fortunately, no one said anything, not that I could have heard over her yells anyway.

I rushed through as fast as I could and ushered her into the children's section. She proceeded to attack a picture of a giant bug (from "A Bug's Life" movie), and tried desperately to knock it over. Then, she moved on to a large empty container (so exciting!) and just stared at it for a while. Finally, she approached a small boy playing a computer game and tried to wrestle the controls away from him. He must have a little sister, because it didn't phase him at all. He just held it out of her reach and kept playing. After that, I decided it was time to spread our joy elsewhere.

We ended up going to CVS and Publix where I mostly bought things that I didn't really need just because it was a good price. (I can use them...eventually...I think...)

And, now my daughter is in bed, and if this stupid phone would stop ringing, then maybe she'll stay there for another hour. I need the rest.

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